1. Do you need to Sell your property in the Shortest possible time at the most competitive price?
  2. Is your house on the market and Battling To Sell?
  3. Are you aware that the Buyer Pays the Commission not the Seller!
  4. The Buyer Can Pay the Wiring certificate, Woodborer certificate & Advertising costs.
  5. Its Fact Auctions attract Cash buyers!
  6. Auctions are set out at Sellers Terms & Conditions ensuring the seller always stays in control.
  7. Auctions are Quick & do not allow for price negotiating. It brings a buyer to a seller in the shortest possible time.
  8. Auctions Go Up In Price, not down & it’s ideal for unusual properties as well.
  9. Exciting atmosphere with huge Competition Amongst Buyers pushing prices upwards.
  10. Exposes property to Large Number Of Buyers in a short time.
  11. Auctions set a definite date of sale – set by you the seller
  12. No Endless marketing, showing or selling period.
  13. You have the ability to turn property directly into cash, with no extensive closing time.
  14. Quickest turn around, least hassle and immediate cash return on your assets.
  15. Auction means Action.